Young Indian Entrepreneurs, Divya Gandotra Tandon, Akhilendra Sahu Are Collaborating For ‘Scoop Beats Private Limited’


India is a nation of diversity, but it is this diversity that binds it together more firmly. Today, seven decades after its independence, the nation is on the verge of experiencing a tremendous upheaval: Growth of Entrepreneurs in India. Owing to its massive workforce and markets, it is commonly known around the globe as the startup hub of the world. With technological advances and help from the government, more and more young Indians are pursuing the path of entrepreneurship. It is not helping them develop themselves but the nation as well. These young Indian entrepreneurs have been successful in getting foreign investors, producing jobs for the citizens, and changing the view of the world regarding the nation. .

Two such young individuals, who decided to become entrepreneurs so that they could help develop India, are Akhilendra Sahu, 19, and Divya Gandotra Tandon, 18. Akhilendra comes from Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh and Divya belong to the beautiful city of Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir. Both Akhilendra and Divya

are young, confident, and visionary entrepreneurs. When most teenagers are engaged in completing their academics only, Divya and Akhilendra have been busy establishing a business of their own. They started their journey as freelancers to better understand the industry. Today, they are successfully living a life that is the dream of many young Indians. But the thing to remember is that they worked hard to achieve what they have now and they always lent a helping hand to others. It was this helping another mindset that led them to take up entrepreneurship in the first place.

Akhilendra is listed among some of the youngest serial entrepreneurs in the world. He began his entrepreneurial journey when he was 16. Initially, freelancing was all he did to learn about how businesses work. He latched onto digital marketing and grew by many folds in it. At the age of 17, he established his own company, ASTNT Technologies Pvt Ltd. His dream had finally come true. Till date he has founded several companies like Technical Next Technologies (International Hosting Provider,) ASTNT Media (80+ News Sites Network,) HeyIndia (Social Media App,) StartUp199 (Web Development,) ASTNT Newswire (Press Release Distribution Company,) InfinityFame (Public Figures Marketing Agency,).

Unlike Akhilendra, Divya stepped into the business industry as a YouTuber. She was keen on learning more about the latest and trending tech in the market. But, she also wanted to disseminate the information to others. That’s when her love for technology turned into a passion for helping others. She started making unboxing and review videos on her YouTube channel so that people have a better understanding of what they are buying. When she realized she could do more in delivering the right information to her followers, she started TheScoopBeats, news, and media company.

Needless to say, both young entrepreneurs are doing extremely well in their businesses. They are truly reaping the fruits of their hard work. But now they are planning to collaborate on a new project. They are ready to explore their ability to work together which is vital for all entrepreneurs. As they are still young, it is going to be a wonderful knowledge sharing experience for both of them. Their new partnership project will be called Scoop Beats Private Limited. It will be based in Jammu and Kashmir and will function as a news agency. Both Divya and Akhilendra have revealed that the main objective of their new collaborative effort is to provide the people of Jammu and Kashmir with more employment opportunities.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has a potential young generation but what they lack is employment. It is the leading state in terms of the rate of unemployment in the country, but in the past few years, the scenario could finally be seen changing for good. Thanks to efforts from individuals like Akhilendra and Divya, more and more people in the state are living a good life. Hopefully, just like their other projects, this new venture will also turn out to be fruitful as the motive behind isn’t money-making but being helpful to others.


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