World Economic Forum – Special Address by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India


Live Yeah, my best greetings to all of you from Geneva, where we have great honor to welcome the Prime Minister of India, His Excellency Narendra Modi Prime Minister and the decisive Leadership India has demonstrated extraordinary strengths and resilience from being one of the countries since we’re. By Covid-nineteen infections in April, India has classically reduced the number of daily cases since September, so there’s no doubt that India will play a critical role if I may say so in leading the pandemic and in global economic recovery and post pandemic, India will also be a major nineteen vaccine supply to enroll in coming. This critical juncture, we have a unique window of opportunity, not only to reflect on how best to return to those but also and I know I express your mind how to shape a better future, is more inclusive sustainable and resilient so pandemic um prime minister has hit us all and we are here meeting now at such a moment and of course, is very eager to listen to your voice. Prime Minister. Please share with us your ideas about suppressant situation and about the future. A professor I’m very grateful to you and you would like that. I start my feet straight away. Yeah please. No God blessed to fall. I would like to congratulate professor and the entire team of the World Economic Forum. Very important forum, which is important for the world economy you have managed to keep it alive even in such difficult times at a time when the biggest question is. How global economy is moving forward? Is what natural that all eyes are on this forum. Friends after trying when there are so many apprehensions today, I bring to you on behalf of more than 1.3000000000 Indians a message of faith. Positivity and uh. hope. At the time of the answer of Corona, India also of difficulties I remember very well all that. The well-known expert and institutions from around the world, have set in February March April. It was predicted that. The most effective country in the whole world would be India, It was said that India will face tsunami of Corolla infections. Some talk of 70800. 70800000000 Indians and some indicated for two in depth in India. See what the situation in countries that have art and modern health infrastructure I think it was natural for the world to be concerned about developing countries like India, You can imagine what state of mind we at that time, however, in India did not let disappointment get the better of India. Move forward with an approach of proactive public participation we use focused on developing specific health infrastructure We train our human resources to fight against Corona and made full use of technology for testing and tracking each and every. India fulfill the duties with patients and transform the fight of Corona into a people’s movement today, India is among those countries, which has been successful in saving the lives of the maximum number of its citizens and a country where the number of infected people as the mighty ministered by professor is decreasing rapidly friends. It would not be appropriate to compare success with the success of one country the country where 80% of the world’s population lives has saved the world entire humanity from a major tragedies by effectively controlling Corona when I just started, we were pro. Mosques ape testing tips from overseas today Not only are we fulfilling domestic demand We are also spending this to other countries and thereby serving their citizens also and today it is also in India that has started the world’s largest Corona vaccination program in the first. We are carrying out free of cost by exception of our 30000000 health and for workers you can imagine India speed by the fact that in just 12 days, days, has vaccinated more than 2.3000000 of its health workers in the coming weeks, We will meet our of vaccinating three. 300000000 senior citizens and patients with. Abilities Friends service made the entire world be healthy following on the lines of this thousands of years of prayer, India has in these times of crisis. also built its global responsibilities from the very beginning when the ace of many countries across the world was closed. India not only ensured the safe return. Of more than 100000 citizens to their respect and trees, but India also sent essential medicines to more than 150 countries, India conducted online training for help of several countries we on how India traditional the Ayurveda can help in boosting immunity today by sending coveted vaccines to various countries and setting up. Uh infrastructure related to vaccination India is saving the lives of the citizens of other countries also and all at the WF will be believed to know that well only two made in India, Corona vaccines have been introduced to the world in the near future. More such vaccines will be made available from a scenes will help us. And assisting fees across the world faster and on much bigger scale. With this image of India’s success with this image of India’s capabilities, I assure the business world that the economic front of the situation will now change rapidly even during the Corona pandemic by starting infrastructure projects with trillions of and by implementing special schemes for employment in India kept its economic activity going. This Johnson a political global citizen we focus during this time on saving every single life now each one of those lives is dedicated to wholeheartedly towards its progress. India is now moving forward with the resolve to self-reliant this aspiration of. India for Self-reliance with strength globalism in a new way and I am sure that industry for great the self-reliant India campaign. There is a reason for this and there’s also a basis for disbelief. friends. experts tell us that industry 4.00 will have four key factors connectivity automation artificial intelligence or machine learning and real-time data. India is among the countries where data is available at the cheapest rates where the most remote areas also have mobile connectivity and smartphones. India has a very large pool of experts in the area of automation and design and most global companies have their engineering centers in India in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning in India software software engineers have receiving recognition across the world for years for their capabilities. friends. In the last year’s, the kind of work that has been done in India in the area of digital infrastructure could also be a subject of study experts of the World Economic Forum This infrastructure has made digital solutions integral part of the daily lives of people in India today over 1.3000000000 people in India have a universal ID the at heart God People’s bank accounts. And universal ideas are linked to the mobile phones just in the month of December last year transactions, but 4000000000000 piece took place using the Unified payments up the people from the banking sector would know the kind of efforts being made by big countries in the world to replicate the up system developed in India in there. Friends we have also seen that during the Corona crisis many countries were concerned about how they could get direct financial assistance to their citizens. You will be amazed to know that during this crisis, India transferred over one point. 1.25 1.25000000000000 directly to the bank account of over 700000000 people. This is. Indeed, an example of the strength of India, strong digital infrastructure uh digital infrastructure has not only made public service delivery efficient, but also transparent India is now going to start a campaign to issue need. a unique health Ids to 1.3000000000 citizens for easy access to health care and friends at. This uh prestigious forum I would also like to assure everyone that every success we achieve India will be helpful in achieving success for the entire world today the self-reliant India movement that we have started is totally committed to ensuring global good and global supply chains. India has the capacity. The capability and the reliability to strengthen global supply chains. India today has a a very consumable and the more this expands the more beneficial it will be for the global economy. Friends Professor said India is a global player full of possibilities today I would like to add that along with being a land of possibilities in India today. Self-confidence and is infused with a new energy in the last few years. India has focused a great deal on reforms and incentives based as stimulus during this Corona pandemic as well. well. India accelerated structured reforms in almost every sector These reforms are being supported by production. Subsidies today India from tax regimes to FD norms there is a predictable and favorable environment. The ease of doing business situation in India is continuously improving work is being done to further improve this as well and an important fact is also that India is matching its growth with climate change related targets at a fast pace friends during this discussion that we are having on industry 4.00 we all need to remember one other thing The Corona. Crisis has reminded us again about humanity as a value we have to remember that industry 4.02 is not about robots but about human beings we have to ensure that technology becomes a tool for ease of living and not some kind of trap for this. the entire world needs to act together. we all have. To act together and I am sure that we will be successful on this note of confidence I would like to now uh move on to the question Answer session with all of you. let’s go on to the question. Thank you. Thank you Prime Minister First message of hope and uh confidence I think it’s uh a incredible achievement how we handled see uh Kobe nine. And how you showed uh responsibility to the world um in taking care not only of your own country, but particularly also if your neighbor countries please, I’m I’m convinced uh prime minister based on what you said um China, where a real uh India and China are always competing for China will uh we all will admire India for its growth. It’s a great cost rates in the coming years um I’m also very happy that you mentioned the Ceo commitment to the four to the uh first Revolution technologies and we have to make some human centered and I’m happy that as the world economic form has a set of industrial revolution in Mumbai thanks to your support. Um mister prime minister uh officially conclude the panel of success and uh we will have um follow up dialogue but uh we will have to uh have 30 seconds just to switch and see communication um devices. Thank you very much again.


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