When Will Kids Go Back To School?


EP969 – When Will Kids Go Back To School? | India Development Debate
05 JANUARY 2021 10:59 IST | ET NOW | 18 MIN 32 SEC

Schools have a check list to follow. Set up a school support team (SST). Ensure adequate ventilation using natural ventilation. Reorganize school layout for physical distancing & hygiene measures. Engage with students, parents and staff. Raise awareness on self-reporting any symptoms. Policy of ‘staying at home if unwell’ is enforced for students. School health staff to record of students’ health status & development.  Identify measures to continue. School feeding & health services. Set up training sessions on distance learning, safety & cleaning. Watch the full debate with Tamanna Inamdar, Dr. Cyrus Vakil, Principal, Bombay International School, Dr Rukmini Banerji, CEO, Pratham Education Foundation & Kiran Tevtiya, Child Behavior Specialist.


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