Updating The Office For The Future Of Work


The workplace will continue to become more distributed and prioritize the employee experience moving forward. But what does that mean for the post-pandemic office?

Even prior to the pandemic, amenities like fitness facilities and rooftop bars were seen as essential components to a competitive office.

Now, offices will lean more towards technology-enabled smart buildings to ensure that employees are safe, healthy and supported.

According to JLL’s Human Experience report, 74% of professionals are very eager to return to the office. However, they are still concerned about the safety protocols of their workplace and being exposed to the virus.

That’s why health will continue to be prioritized moving forward. Employees want to feel confident and secure when returning to the workplace, so requiring health screenings each day and encouraging sick employees to stay home can help alleviate the risk of exposure.

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If the workplace is not kept consistently clean, that will be a dealbreaker for many workers. Hiring a cleaning crew to sanitize high-touch areas and keeping staff informed about new cleaning policies will create a calmer work atmosphere.

In order to remain competitive, office buildings will need to update their technologies to include features that give employees a sense of safety.

This includes touchless entryways, touchless temperature scanners, as well as monitors that analyze traffic patterns and occupancy levels to help workers feel secure in the office, while providing business leaders with insight into how to continue improving their operations.


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