Twitter to restart verified blue ticks from today, know how to apply for verification


Twitter is restarting its verification process from today, after a gap of three years, which means more accounts will get blue tick mark that will prove them as verified accounts. Twitter said it will be relaunching the self-serve application portal for the public to apply for verification in 2021. 

Micro-blogging platform had stopped verification process in November 2017, as Twitter said the blue tick was being seen as an endorsement creating a perception problem. After three years Twitter has come up with new verification system and here’s everything you need to know about the changes and also how you can apply for verification.

New verification system rules

Twitter will verify accounts that fall under these six categories: government, companies/brands/non-profit organisation, news, entertainment, sports, activists/organisers and other influential individuals.

The profiles have to be active and complete. Complete profile means that it has either a verified email address or a phone number, a profile image or display name.

Twitter will also remove the blue tick from accounts that should not be verified.

It has sent automated email and notifications to users who are at the risk of losing the blue ticks. They have been asked to make changes to their profiles by January 22.

Accounts which have repeatedly violated Twitter rules are also at the risk of losing verification.

How can you apply for verification?

Twitter says that it will soon be relaunching the self-serve application portal for the public to apply for verification in 2021. The process will include asking applicants to select a category for their verified status and confirming their identity via links and other supporting materials.


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