The power of higher education — scaling the circular economy in Africa


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation will work with the African Leadership University (ALU) to embed the circular economy across its teaching and research programmes, campus management, and student activities.

The two-year programme has been funded by MAVA, one of the Foundation’s Strategic Partners.

We are excited to work with a young, dynamic, and ambitious university. ALU aims to become Africa’s leading circular economy university and train 3 million African leaders by 2035, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to build a stronger, more resilient economy that also benefits society and the environment.

As well as supporting ALU to integrate circular economy principles and practices at the university, the Foundation will provide bespoke learning programmes for teenagers, students and young professionals from across the continent to inspire young learners and future leaders. The learning programmes will showcase the circular economy in action throughout Africa and build a network of circular economy advocates.

ALU will become a member of our Network, not only to learn from other Network organisations but also to bring valuable insights from an African perspective. We are looking forward to extending the reach of our Network and learning how the circular economy can be further scaled in Africa.


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