Steam Game Festival Returns on February 3rd


Over 500 free game demos will be available along with developer livestreams.

The Steam Game Festival will see its first iteration for the new year taking place next week. It starts at 10 AM PST on February 3rd and end on February 9th. There will be over 500 free game demos to try out along with livestreams and chats with the various developers.

A brief trailer highlights some of the titles that will be returning. Familiar games like Bloodroots and The Riftbreaker can be expected along with new titles like Genesis Noir and Shady Knight. Even highly anticipated titles like Windjammers 2 are seemingly making an appearance.

Other titles spotted in the trailer include Blunt Force, Children of Silentown and Narita Boy so those expecting updates will have a lot to look forward to. Much like previous iterations though, all demos will be available for a limited time (usually the duration of the event itself). Stay tuned for more details when the Steam Game Festival goes live.


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