Startups in India I Start-ups to witness revenue growth at scale in 2021: Rajan Anandan


Rajan Anandan, India MD of Sequoia Capital (File image)&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

The year 2020 has been an extraordinary year for the start-up world.  Many start-ups succumbed to pressure and had to wrap up but on the flip side, there has also been the emergence of 11 unicorns in India.

Renowned angel investor and the India Managing Director of Sequoia Capital, Rajan Anandan, said that the last few months have been challenging for the startup ecosystem but things have recovered in the last three months.

“We are exiting the year with stronger economics. Faster adoption of digital and of course technology has helped.” Anandan believes that there has been expected accelerated growth across sectors. He says, “Monetisation and continued focus on improving underlying economics have helped.”

According to Anandan two things that have eluded us in the past are now seeing an emergence.

“Revenues and revenue growth at scale have begun and will continue into the next year. We saw an acceleration of revenue growth and it will continue in 2021. We will see scale in revenue within start-ups.” “In 2021 the start-up ecosystem will be healthy in terms of unit economics and revenue-based growth,” says Anandan.

According to him the new era for the startup ecosystem will be defined by scale, revenue and underlying economics. He is of the view that we will see accelerating innovation in business models like never seen before. “We are going to see uniquely Indian business models. In 2021, we will probably get back to 2019 levels and then build from there,” says Anandan.


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