Scrum Ventures Announces Expanded Partners and Reveals Early Accepted Startups to Food Tech Studio


SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Scrum Ventures today announced the list of early accepted startups to its Food Tech Studio – Bites!, a global program aimed to solve the key challenges plaguing our food supply chain today, including (but not limited to) safety, waste reduction, and health. Scrum Ventures also announced it increased its partnerships with new additions to the program.

Launched in September 2020, Food Tech Studio – Bites! is focused on bringing much-needed change to the food sector through advanced technologies from innovative food startups. The program was founded to bring food entrepreneurs to the front lines and connect them with leading corporations and industry thought-leaders, helping them realize top-line growth opportunities in Japan, the U.S. and around the world.

Over the last three months, the program has received hundreds of applications from startups across 28 different countries that are determined to innovate the food ecosystem. The program has identified several companies that offer new technologies in the food sector that can reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate world hunger and waste.

Today, Food Tech Studio – Bites! has released the names of the first 20 startups that will be a part of the program. The initial startups reflect a broad range of categories in the food tech sector including wellness & health, next-gen foods & functional foods, supply chain and logistics, at-home & consumer-focused technologies, and sustainability.

Early accepted startups:

The program has also expanded its Leadership Circle with the addition of Fujicco, House Foods, Kagome and Tokyo Gas as partners. Hitachi Global Life Solutions, JR East and Orange Page were also added on as strategic partners. These strategic partners are providing over 20 food-related mentors for program participants.

For more about the partners:

  • Fujicco Co., Ltd: with a vision to make everyone healthy and happy, Fujicco strives to create a sustainable society. Based on their company motto “Always be creative”, the company has achieved health, tastiness, food safety and reliability through their quality ingredients and technological development with natural food products such as kombu (kelp) and beans.
  • House Foods Corporation: with sustainability top of mind, House Foods provides the widest range of the fresh tofu products at affordable prices in the U.S. With more than 100 years of service, the company shares its vision of healthy eating through a variety of convenient products made from high quality ingredients.
  • Kagome Co., Ltd: as a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of tomato-based foods, and fruit and vegetable juices, Kagome is working consistently to contribute to the wellbeing and longevity of people around the world.
  • Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd: as Japan’s largest provider of city gas, serving more than 12 million customers for over 135 years, Tokyo Gas works to respond to the needs of customers, society, and the next age while working to contribute to the realization of a prosperous, fulfilling way of life, and an environment-friendly society.

For more about the strategic partners:

  • Hitachi Global Life Solutions: as a provider of home appliances, services and commercial equipment, Hitachi Global Life Solutions aims to increase customers’ quality of life. It also utilizes digital technology to solve lifestyle issues and contribute to a sustainable society.
  • JR East: with its operational area in the north eastern Japan including the Tokyo metropolis, JR East is the largest railway company in Japan. JR East is pursuing an ultimate safety level as its top priority. And, as one entity, JR East Group is creating affluent lives for their customers, line-side communities, and employees by emphasizing trust and developing a network of related businesses, especially in information technology.
  • Orange Page: a vibrant cooking publisher with the mission to foster a lifestyle and culture that promotes collaboration and well-being. Their focus is discovering, teaching, and bringing meaning to food recipes.

Over the next month, Scrum Ventures will work closely with its partners on the final selection process that will bring better and more efficient processes within the food development ecosystem. For more information on Scrum Ventures and Food Tech Studio – Bites!, please visit: 

SOURCE Scrum Ventures

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