Sarona Partners 365x opens new program for mature startups


Sarona Partners Group 365x Accelerator program is opening two new courses in Israel and in the US, and continues to promote the vision of transforming Israel’s ecosystem into “Scale-Up Nation.”

365x promotes the activities of mature tech startups in international markets, helping them continue to grow into the next stage. The program was founded in April 2018 by Sarona Partners and has graduated more than 100 startups, with two exits so far.

“Our aim is to create a community for the Israeli entrepreneurs, which will promote them each time with an additional step towards scale-up and success on the global market,” said Toot Shani, 365x CEO and a Partner at Sarona Partners.

The new course will be the seventh by 365x in Israel, and the fourth by 365x in New York, will open for the registration of mature tech startups. The four-month program includes an additional two months spent after graduation working on the company’s business plan and other identified opportunities.


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