Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera sports dual optical lenses: Here’s how it will work


With the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the key focus is the camera setup at the back. The Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a 108MP main sensor at the back, which Samsung says is an upgraded version compared to last year. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera has four rear cameras in total, which includes the ultra-wide 12MP camera, and two telephoto lenses of 10MP each. However, while one telephoto lens supports 3X optical zoom, the other supports 10x optical zoom.

How does this dual telephoto lens system on the S21 Ultra work? 

With the S20 series, Samsung introduced what it called the ‘Space Zoom’ feature, which allowed users to zoom in at nearly 100x, though the results were not always the best. With the S21, it is improving on this feature, and adds a new system for the extended zoom.

As pointed out the Galaxy S21 Ultra has two telephoto cameras. So when a user decides to zoom into a subject, up to 9X, the camera will rely on the 3X optical zoom lens. Anything beyond 10X zoom will use the other telephoto lens. Samsung explained during its presentation that when a user is zooming on a subject more than 10X, it will be a mix of both optical and digital.

Whenever a user clicks any photo with Ultra, the camera’s AI system will decide which lens to use, even as you are zooming in and out of the photo, which is certainly unique. This is also the first Samsung phone to come with a dual telephoto lens system.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra features an upgraded 108MP pro sensor, which will let users capture 12 bit HDR photos. The company claims the photos will have a much wider dynamic range than the previous generation devices.

Further, Samsung will now let users record video at 4K at the highest 60fps across all lenses, including front and on all the four lenses at the back. This will let users shift to a different perspective without a drop in quality. The company is also claiming an improved night performance thanks to the Bright Night sensor, which brings a better night mode, noise reduction and 12MP Nona-binning technology.

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With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung is making a lot of claims with the camera and the dual-telephoto lens system is definitely unique. We will have to wait and review the device to see how it actually translates into real-life usage.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera: Technical specifications

Rear camera

Ultra Wide: 12MP Dual Pixel AF, 120-degree view, F2.2 aperture
Wide-angle: 108MP Phase Detection AF, 83-degree view, OIS, F1.8, 0.8µm

Telephoto 1: 10MP Dual Pixel AF,
Optical 3x, FOV 35°, OIS, F2.4, 1.22µm

Telephoto 2: 10MP Dual Pixel AF,
Optical 10x, FOV 10°, OIS, F4.9, 1.22µm

100X Space Zoom
Laser AF Sensor

Front camera: 40MP Phase Detection AF with 80-degree view, aperture of F/2.2


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