Responsibility of youth to make India self-reliant: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that it was the responsibility of youth to work for development of country and also to make India atmanirbhar (self-reliant).

Speaking at the valedictory function of 2nd National Youth Parliament Festival, Modi said that “It is the responsibility of youth to make India atmanirbhar and work for the development of the country. We were all born after independence of India but we can work for the development of the country. The next 25-26 years is important for the country because India will complete 100 years of independence by 2047.”

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The Prime Minister further emphasised that dynasty politics was against the idea of ‘nation first’ and it would only breed corruption. Modi said that while there have been significant changes in the politics of the country, he said that it was the duty and responsibility of youth to take the work forward.

He urged the youth to join politics and said that it will help bringing an end to dynasty politics in the country. Modi said that honesty and performance was the key to politics now because people have become more aware.

“Politics needs youth, it is the responsibility of the youth towards politics. It is the medium to work for development of country. Honesty and performance are the virtues for politics and those who have faced corruption allegations are now finding it difficult to win the credibility,” Modi said.

“The surname of your family does not guarantee a win in the elections. Dynasty is against the idea of nation first and it leads to corruption. Till the time youth of the country does not take part in politics, the poison of dynasty will not end,” Modi added.

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