Resident Evil Village vs Resident Evil 7 – 10 Biggest Differences


Resident Evil Village is almost upon us now, and like any good sequel, it’s looking to improve upon its predecessor however it can. Resident Evil 7 established a solid foundation for the first person era of the series, and with its sequel, Capcom have already talked about several ways they’re going to build on that. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the biggest changes and improvements RE Village is making over RE7.


Resident Evil 4’s merchant is a series icon that series fans remember fondly even now, and Village is going to try and do something similar. The merchant, known as The Duke, will be crossing paths with Ethan every now and then, and here, you’ll be able to purchase resources and weapons, upgrade weapons, and sell things, which should mix things up for the classic RE formula in interesting ways. Interestingly enough, it seems like Capcom are injecting a lot of personality into The Duke (and his visual design), so meetings with him will probably be consistently memorable.


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