Rahul slams present GST, says without protection, incentives for MSMEs, economy will not move forward


Coimbatore, Jan 23 (UNI) Observing that small and medium industry

was the backbone of job creation in the country, former Congress

President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said without unclogging the

banking system, giving MSMEs protection and incentives for job

creation, the Indian economic system would not move forward.

Interacting with the representatives of MSMEs as part of his

three-day Assembly polls campaign in this Textile city, he said

‘in my mind: the future of India and any competition we want

to win with China, Bangladesh or others is through the MSMEs’.

He said the government’s mindset should be that the success of

India depends on the MSMEs.

‘But we see pictures of the Prime Minister with the largest

industrialists. Have you seen his pictures with small and

medium industrialists?’, he asked.

‘I think small and medium industry is the backbone of job

creation’, he said.

‘If you ask most people, they talk to you about large companies,

about the commanding heights, but the people who actually do

the homework, actually get the jobs are MSMEs’, he added.

Stating that he had come here to interact and have a conversation

about MSMEs, what there were thinking and what the future of Tamil

Nadu could be, Mr Rahul said the biggest supporters of GST were

large businesses.

‘There is a reason behind it. GST as it is currently designed is

designed to help them and not MSMEs’, he said, adding, the

GST by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government was

not only a question of bad implementation but strategically

done to weaken the small and medium industries.

Noting that the GST conceptualised by the previous Congress-led

UPA government was very simple–One Tax, Minimum Tax, Mr Rahul

said when Mr Modi became the Prime Minister he decided to bypass

the bulk of the negotiations and super-imposed this GST, without

doing the homework for One Tax, Minimum Tax.

‘This GST regime will simply not work. It will impose huge load

on MSMEs and cripple our economic system’, he said and promised

that ‘when UPA comes to power in Delhi, we will restructure the

GST and give you- One Tax, Minimum Tax’.

Mr Rahul said the current BJP-led NDA dispensation in Delhi does

not believe in negotiations, listening, and conversation.

Hence, it was practically impossible for them to come up with a

solution to the GST problem, which lies with the people of India,

he said.

Sharpening his attack on the Centre, Rahul said India was unable

to provide jobs as the economy has been devastated. ‘What used

to be successful is now a disaster and we will not be able to get out

of this anytime soon, because the government is simply not interested

in listening to citizens.’.

Referring the more than 50-day long agitation by farmers against

the three Farm laws, Rahul said the massive protests that were

happening across India was because there was an attempt to

impose one idea, one ideology on this country.

‘If you talk to the people of India with respect and kindness,

they will respond with kindness, love and affection’, he said,

adding, but the outcome of Mr Modi government’s policy was

to crush people’s hopes and needs and work only for a few

crony capitalists.

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