Quantum brains could help robots think like humans and physically adapt to the environment, researchers claim


Several top scientists including legendary physicist Stephen Hawking warned that robots powered with artificial intelligence (AI) could create dominance over humans in the future.

Adding up the heat to these seemingly terrifying predictions, researchers at the Radboud University in the Netherlands have revealed that the development of ‘quantum brain’ could help robots powered with artificial intelligence think like humans. 

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Robots could think like humans

Scientists made this revelation after discovering an intelligent material that works in a similar way to the human brain cells. According to Radboud University researchers, this material could learn by itself and will even physically adapt to its environment. 

Researchers who took part in this study are now scaling up in a bid to create advanced robots with inbuilt thinking organs, which could in turn revolutionize the future of robotics. According to experts, this new material is expected to be far more environment-friendly than today’s machine learning tools that usually rely on giant data centres. 

“When stimulating the material over a longer period of time with a certain voltage, we were very surprised to see that the synapses actually changed. The material adapted its reaction based on the external stimuli that it received. It learned by itself. We are at a stage where we can start to relate fundamental physics to concepts in biology, like memory and learning. 

If we could eventually construct a real machine from this material, we would be able to build self-learning computing devices that are more energy-efficient and smaller than today’s computers,” said Alexander Khajetoorians, a professor of Scanning Probe Micropsy, Daily Star reports.  Khajetoorians also added that they are still unclear about how this material works and made it clear that more research should be carried out to develop this material into a technology. 

Rise of hybrid humans

A few months back, robotic expert David J Gunkel had predicted that future humans will be a blend of biology and artificial intelligence. According to Gunkel, future humans will augment themselves with artificial devices, and it could enhance their physical and mental capabilities. He also believes that these hybrid humans will dominate normal humans in the future. 


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