Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Machop During Community Day


A new month means a new Community Day in Pokémon GO. For January 2021 the star is Machop, the fan favorite Fighting type Pokémon. There are tons of things to enjoy during any CD event, but for the shiny hunters out there it’s a great chance to add to their collection. Machop has been available in shiny form before, but much more rarely than he will be during the event. So to help you all out, here’s some tips and tricks for how to get shiny Machop during Community Day in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Shiny Machop

Shiny Machop is easy enough to identify. Not only do you get the usual sparkles to show you you’ve encountered a shiny, but his coloring changes to all green. Shiny Machamp is often referred to as The Incredible Hulk due to the color choice, so you should know right away when you find a shiny and can focus on catching it. But encountering it is the hard part, since it mostly comes down to determination and randomness.

To catch shiny Machop in Pokémon GO the main thing you need to do is encounter as many Machop as you can during the event. They’ll be spawning much more frequently in the wild, so tap every one you see. If you don’t need more Machop Candy or are in a rush just back out if it’s not shiny and tap another to check again.

On top of those spawning in the wild there are a few ways to encounter more Machop during Community Day. The Straight to the Top, Machop! Special Research will offer a few encounters, so pick up the ticket if you feel like you’ll need them. Some Field Research tasks you acquire from Poké Stops will also offer encounters with the fighting Pokémon, so watch for those and try to complete them before the event ends. Finally, you can have five Machop encounters by taking a snapshot with any of your current Pokémon. Just open their page and tap the camera icon at the top right then snap a photo. Back out and Machop will spawn near you. Repeat this a total of five times to get them all.

Focus on all these encounters and that’s how to get shiny Machop during Community Day in Pokémon GO.

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