PM Modi urges people to contribute to Bharat ‘Jodo Andolan’ ahead of National Handloom Day


In his 79th edition of ‘Maan Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the nation to buy and popularise Khadi products to contribute to ‘Bharat Jodo Andolan’ (Unite India Movement). In view of the upcoming Handloom Day, PM Modi urged countrymen to do everything possible to increase the use of handlooms in our lives. As Mahatma Gandhi led Bharat Chhoro Andolan to drive out British rule from India, we need Bharat Jodo Andolan to unite India, said PM Modi on Sunday.

“National Handloom Day is coming up. Let us unite and do everything possible to further popularise handlooms in our lives. The successes of Khadi over the last few years are widely known. You must have noticed that from the year 2014 onwards, we often touch upon Khadi in Mann ki Baat. It is only because of your efforts that today, the sale of Khadi has risen manifold, ” said PM Modi.

Prime Minister said that we can contribute to nation-building even while performing our daily work. We don’t need to make any extra effort, rather a small effort from every individual will bring huge change. Buying Khadi products will benefit our poor weavers across the nation and it is a service that we can render to our brothers and sisters, he said.


Khadi – a sustainable handicraft

Khadi is one of the most remarkable Indian fabrics, which has played a crucial role in building our nation. Khadi which is also known as ‘Khadar’ is a handwoven cotton cloth with handspun yarn. The fabric originated during the Swadeshi Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. Notably, manufacturing khadi needs no machines, electricity, or fuel, and is also a natural-friendly product. With dynamic advancements in technology, Khadi fabric is now available in wide variations and is one of the most sustainable forms of handicraft.

Khadi’s role in the Indian economy

India is the second-largest exporter of textiles and clothing in the world. The country registered $22.94 billion in exports in 2020, and Khadi has played a vital role. In the last five years, the sale of khadi-made apparel and fabrics has witnessed remarkable growth in our nation.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Khadi has largely contributed to boosting our economy. According to Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), in 2020-21 the Indian fabric registered its highest-ever annual turnover of Rs 95,741.74 crore, as compared to Rs 88,887 crore turnover in 2019-20, and registering a growth of 7.71%. Earlier, it was also recorded that a single-day sale of Khadi was over Rs 1 crore on 11 different occasions. 



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