PM Modi Lauds Chandigarh Vendor Sanjay Rana Giving Free Chhole Bhature On Getting Vaccinated


Free “Chhole Bhature”: Sanjay Rana thanked PM Modi for recognising his effort.


A Chandigarh street vendor giving out free “Chhole Bhature” to people who take their COVID-19 vaccine shot and furnish proof of it the same day drew praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly “Mann Ki Baat” radio broadcast on Sunday.

“In Chandigarh’s Sector 29, Sanjay Rana ji runs a food stall and sells “Chhole Bhature” on a cycle,” the prime minister said.

PM Modi said Mr Rana’s daughter Ridhhima and niece Riya had given him the idea to give out free “Chhole Bhature” to those who took their shots.

“One day his daughter Ridhhima and niece Riya came to him with an idea. Both asked him to give him free “Chhole Bhature” to those who take Covid vaccine. He happily agreed to this,” the prime minister said.

“To be able to savour Sanjay Rana ji’s “Chhole Bhature” free, you will have to show that you have taken the vaccine on the same day. He will give you tasty “Chhole Bhature” as soon as you show him the vaccination message,” PM Modi said.

Appreciating the effort, he added, “It is said that to work for the society’s good, a sense of service and duty is required. Our brother Sanjay is proving this right.”

PM Modi also recalled the time he spent Chandigarh while handling the organisation work for the BJP in the 1990s.

“This is a very cheerful and beautiful city. The people living here are also large-hearted. And yes, if you are food lover, then you would love it even more here,” the prime minister said.

Meanwhile, Mr Rana thanked the prime minister for recognising his effort.

Speaking to news persons, he said he had been giving 25-30 plates of food for free daily.

“If we have to quickly get rid of Covid, we must all cooperate with the government and take our vaccine doses. That is the only way to protect ourselves, our families, our country and the entire world,” Mr Rana added.


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