PM Modi holds review meeting on availability of oxygen & COVID-19 medicines in India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Saturday, chaired a high-level meeting on the country’s COVID-19 situation and the ongoing vaccination drive. The meeting was scheduled to have started at 11 am. Earlier on Wednesday, PM Modi had chaired a meeting to review the availability and take stock of the supply of oxygen and medicines in the wake of the surge in COVID-19 infections nationwide. 

Talks on medical/ health infrastructure

The meeting was also attended by the Secretary of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Secretary of Department of Biotechnology, Secretary of Road Transport and Highways and Cabinet Ministry and Others. PM Modi has time and again held such meetings to closely keep a tab on the COVID-19 infections trend in the country and the healthcare crisis subsequent to the pandemic. 

PM Modi is noted to have been closely monitoring India’s ongoing battle with the devastating second wave of the COVID-19. In the said high-level meeting, he along with the ministers and secretaries estimated and discussed the supply and availability of each COVID-19 related drug, vital medical equipment, life-saving oxygen concentrator, ventilators drugs and ICU beds. Although written reports of the same statistics are prepared, a face to face rendezvous is imperative to calculate any requested alterations and rectifications. 

Keeping in mind, amid the most crucial phase of the raging second wave of COVID-19, few specific States are still reporting a dearth of medical oxygen and other life-saving health amenities. Given the dislocated medical/ health infrastructure this shortage particularly needs to be redressed and taken care of. The Centre also hinted at a larger vaccine stockpile by August. Despite COVID-19 recoveries figures outpacing the active caseload, India is required to implement stringent curbs to contain any further spread of infection and leading to dire consequences. 

The said meeting claimed to have discussed COVID-19 cases creeping into remote and interior villages. The prevalence of which has compelled several States to abide by PM Modi’s direction to set up a minimum of two COVID-19 hospitals in each district of a State and Union Territory. This will objectively free urban areas and cities from the concentrated and centralised medical and healthcare facility.

Every minute aspect of such implementation has been reviewed by the Prime Minister along with Secretaries, Cabinet Ministers and other officials. The rationale behind holding a crowded meeting is that execution must commence in real-time. 


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