PM Modi has become the best friend of man’s best friends in India


Thanks to PM Narendra Modi the country is going to the dogs, literally, and it’s a very good thing that it is.

Some months ago, in a Mann ki Baat, the PM had urged the country’s security agencies, like the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to further the cause of Atmanirbharta and use indigenous breeds of dogs in their canine squads instead of imported varieties.

Following his advice, the NCB has begun to recruit desi dogs, a very desirable development which ought to encourage civilian pet owners to follow suit.

The trade in foreign breeds like Alsatians and Labradors has become a money-making racket which mates male dogs with their mothers or female siblings to produce litters sold at high prices. Such incestuous inbreeding results in progressive physical debility in successive generations.

In contrast, our street dogs are a robust admixture of several local species and make for the most healthy, loyal and loving of companions.

I can attest to this with confidence because Bunny and I have been fortunate enough to have two of them adopt us.

The first one who came into our house, bleeding from a head wound where someone had hit her with a stick, was Brindle, so called because of the lovely brindled colour, like butterscotch ice cream laced with chocolate, which she revealed after her wound had been dressed and she’d been given a shampoo bath.

She graced our home for 13 years before leaving us bereft when old age called her away. Miraculously, on the same day she left, another stranger came out of the dark to rule our home and our hearts. We called her Mili, as in someone who had been met or found.

Mili was with us for an only too short five years before she too departed, leaving behind a vacuum in our lives which we cannot bring ourselves to fill for fear of further loss.

But we still delight in seeing our canine fellow citizens, curled in blissful sleep on crowded pavements and in marketplaces, cursive commas in the streetside democracy of vagabond freedom, who’ve received due recognition from the PM himself.

Wherever they are, Brindle and Mili wag their tails in approval.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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