PM Modi after Harappan-era city declared UNESCO World Heritage Site


Dholavira, a Harappan era city located in present day Gujarat’s Rann of Kutch has been added to the list of World Heritage Sites by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the nation on the occasion and urged people to visit the ‘majestic Temple complex’ and get a first-hand experience of its grandness.

“Absolutely delighted by this news. Dholavira was an important urban centre and is one of our most important linkages with our past. It is a must visit, especially for those interested in history, culture and archaeology,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I first visited Dholavira during my student days and was mesmerised by the place. As CM of Gujarat, I had the opportunity to work on aspects relating to heritage conservation and restoration in Dholavira. Our team also worked to create tourism-friendly infrastructure there.”


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