Pakistan-based Twitter handle tweets tasteless hoarding of Indian PM


Islamabad [Pakistan], August 5 (ANI): A tasteless hoarding of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been put up in Islamabad and the Pakistani Twitter handle who tweeted it talked of “the true battleground of Ghazwai Hind”.
The hoarding, carrying a photoshopped image, read “Modi destroyer of peace. If you agree, press horn.”
It has been apparently put somewhere along the road in the capital city Islamabad.
Netizens in Pakistan blame India for their everyday frustrations concerning growing COVID-19 cases, terrorism, among other things.
Indian Twitter users mocked the tweet, pointing out how Pakistan was facing financial woes and some people in that country seek to always put blame on India for its woes.
“Aur kar bhi kya sakthe hein horn bajane ke siwa? Jab Apni khud baji padi ho tho” (what else can they do apart from honking. When they are in a helpless situation and have a lot to deal with),” an Indian twitter user said.
Usman Ahmad, who tweeted the hoarding, said “the true battleground of Ghazwai Hind”.
Ghazwai Hind is the phrase that Pakistani radical leaders have used against India to mean “a holy raid of India.”
People in Pakistan continue to face problems in their day-to-day lives including price rise, growing radicalism and rise in COVID-19 cases. (ANI)


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