Own an Apple Watch? Three useful features you may not have discovered yet


Apple Watch offers a dizzying array of features – from helicopters to taxiing on Uber, checking your calendar, answering calls from your wrist, and paying at checkout. There’s a lot of cool stuff in this laptop. However, if you haven’t used the Apple Watch as a fitness device, you’re definitely missing out.

Apple’s best-selling smartwatch can monitor your heart rate, take an instant ECG from your wrist, and most recently with Apple Watch 6, show the amount of oxygen in your blood. In addition to monitoring these vital stats, you can also keep track of your daily exercise routines such as running, walking, and swimming while making sure you get up enough each day.

These are smart things, but if you’ve recently joined the wearable revolution, you might not know a few extra health features hidden in the Apple Watch that can really help you achieve your goals.

Here are three of our favorites …


Apple added this feature late last year with a software update. For those who don’t know, this allows users to monitor their cardiorespiratory fitness via a measurement of VO2 max. Now this all might sound a bit geeky, but it’s actually a very important piece …

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