Next Samsung Galaxy Watch Could Come With a Feature That Measures Blood Sugar Levels


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. (Image: Samsung)

Samsung is reported to launch three new wearables this year. Samsung had last year developed a system for monitoring blood glucose levels using a method called Raman Spectroscopy.

  • Last Updated: January 26, 2021, 10:39 IST

Apple last year brought its Apple Watch 6 which came with a blood oxygen monitoring feature. Now, Apple’s rival Samsung is said to take a bigger step in terms of health features. According to a recent report, Samsung may be looking at adding a blood glucose monitoring feature for its next Galaxy Watch, that will measure a user’s blood sugar levels. The next smartwatches from Samsung will presumably be named the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 3.

According to a report in South Korean outlet ETNews, Samsung will make it easier for Galaxy Watch users with diabetes to track their daily blood sugar levels. The technology, according to the report, may use an optical sensor to determine the readings, eliminating the need to draw blood. It will use similar techniques to how a number of smartwatches provide blood oxygen levels using an SpO2 sensor. According to a report in Android Authority, the South Korean giant has been working on non-invasive techniques for blood glucose monitoring for a while now.

Last year, Samsung developed a system for monitoring blood glucose levels using a method called Raman Spectroscopy. The process uses lasers to identify chemical composition, the Android Authority report cites Samsung as saying. Samsung says that the technology demonstrates that “highest prediction accuracies among non-invasice technologies.”

During the recently-concluded CES 2021, a smartwatch made by a Japanese company called Quantum Operations presented a prototype that came with a spectroscopy system and gave out blood sugar readings in 20 seconds.

The ETNow report says that Samsung will unveil three new wearables at its next Unpacked event. However, it is still unclear if all of them will bundle the ability to track blood glucose levels.


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