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Reaching out to people by sharing her financial knowledge, Neha Nagar, CEO and founder of Taxationhelp, is helping start-ups flourish. Having grown up in a village and conservative family, this 25-year-old entrepreneur found it very difficult at first to start her own business. Therefore, she tried her fortune in various fields. She worked in a private company, did acting and modelling, and also featured in a Zee Music album.

Bu, unfortunately, despite all the hard work she put in, she wasn’t able to clear her CA exams, which she attempted on being pressurised by her parents. She appeared three times for the entrance, before she called it a quit. Neha considers those three years as the worst of her life. So, she decided to switch from CA to MBA to learn new things, and also to save herself from getting married, as being the eldest, that was the only expectation of her family from her.

Chasing one’s dreams requires resilence, hard work and persistence, and Neha was all up for it. It was this belief and passion to have her own business that enabled her to initiate and indulge in multiple business ventures. But unlike most people who quit and choose the easier path of opting for a 9-5 job, Neha refused to give up on her dreams.

Neha began with zero investment; moreover, she struggled a lot to get her first client due to lack of funds. This was because everyone was not aware of the fact that the first step for starting a business is to plan it, by taking the aid of financial services.

Her life was still full of obstacles, with no friends around her in school or college, and being body-shamed by relatives, there was a point in her life that she beagn developing suicidal tendencies. All this made her nervous and lose confidence. After completing her MBA, she wanted a start-up, but her family was against it. And that’s when she decided to take a detour. Despite all the failures, the fire in her to make it big in life never died, and she decided to start her own company.

She got a job in Delhi and even got married eventually, as per her parent’s suppositions. Her life got a silver lining as she got a supportive husband, but again, her in-laws were expecting a baby from her. Looking at her past records, not a lot of people around Neha were on the board at first. Even her both the families were taken aback with her career shift. Maybe it was their lack of support that ignited the fire in Neha to work against all odds. Neha couldn’t afford to fail this time. She dreamt of being a businesswoman, and gradually found her interest in business planning.

Neha discovered that many people, aspiring to start their own business, had no clue about how to initiate it. Hence, Neha decided to show them the way, by helping them to take their first step. She provides services like business planning, consultation, registration and expansion services.

Hence, Neha started her venture, Taxationhelp. It is a technology-driven platform that offers services covering the legal needs of start-ups. The services include government registrations, accounting, documentation, and much more.

Neha is a finance content creator, and her sole aim is to make people’s lives easier by providing financial knowledge to them. Neha is a versatile woman, who runs her own business along with creating financial content. Surprisingly, there are very few women in financial content creation, but Neha is one among them. Furthermore, Neha is trying her way best to boost female participation in the world of finance. She is a role model for women.

Neha has developed a knack for business, which she considers to be an intellectual sport. She has made small videos on social media for spreading awareness. Surprisingly, she has been blessed with more than 400k followers in just three months. Undoubtedly, Neha is an inspiration for millenials.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.


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