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Kochi: Mpeda-RGCA has patented its mud crab hatchery technology with the controller general of patent, design and trade marks, Govt. of India, for 20 years from 2011 to 2030.
The hatchery technology for mud crab (scientific name-Scylla serrata) has been developed by the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture (RGCA), the research and development arm of the Marine Products Export Development Authority (Mpeda).
Mpeda chairman K S Srinivas said, “It will go a long way in meeting the seed requirement of farmers who intend to undertake diversified species for aquaculture instead of concentrating on shrimp farming alone.”
Keeping in view the huge demand for mud crab, especially in South East Asian countries, Mpeda had initiated a pilot project for mud crab seed (known as crab-instar) production during 2004 and subsequently made the commercial hatchery for the first time in India during 2013 with the capacity of one million per annum. Due to its growing demand, the seed production capacity of RGCA’s mud crab hatchery has been increased to 1.4 million per annum. Dr Emilia T Quinitio, an eminent scientist from Aquaculture Division of International Institute known as Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre (SEAFDEC), Philippines, had extended the consultancy service till 2013 to RGCA. Since then, the technology has been standardized by the RGCA’s scientists within a short period.
The Mpeda chairman said that the major achievement lies in increasing the survival rate of crab instar from 3% world record to seven 7%. Further, the hatchery unit is designed in such a manner that all sections are under one roof with complete bio-security measures. So far, 7.28 million seeds have been produced and supplied to 659 farmers across the country.



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