Microsoft xCloud could be approaching a public release


Microsoft’s browser-based game streaming service could be approaching the public beta phase, with a report now stating that the Redmond based company is already testing Microsoft xCloud in private beta, while a public beta could be just around the corner.

According to a report from The Verge, the company already seems to have the gaming service ready for consumption via a browser, with images showing what the web version looks like and how games should look like while they’re in a browser – they basically run in full-screen mode, which is not surprising, considering this is also how Google Stadia works.

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Additionally, Microsoft is also likely to push xCloud support into its own Xbox app on Windows computers, according to the report. Having the web version that works only on Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Edge eliminates potential users who would love to play on their computers, but only have Mozilla Firefox installed – so the app option is a definite improvement.

The report also discusses the possible resolutions that xCloud might support – either the company goes with 1080p streaming with the existing Xbox One S systems it currently uses, or users can wait for 4K support when Microsoft updates the backend to Xbox Series X based components. However, it does look like the pubic beta of xCloud could be fast approaching.

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Android users already have access to xCloud beta, so the users that are set to benefit the most from the browser-based support for xCloud are iPhone and iPad users who want to stream their Xbox games but cannot due to Apple’s restrictive policies. The Cupertino company had firmly told is Redmond counterpart that any Xbox games that were to be made available for iOS and iPadOS users would need to be submitted for review on an individual basis.


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