Meet Lakshay Jain, the youngest tech entrepreneur of India


IT is the most buzzing field from the past decade or so hats of the Pioneer and founder of IT. Thanks to the top developers, visionaries, and digital marketers who have created a new path for business people and young talents who want to prove something in life with their skills.

Service of stunning Web/App worldwide: We always appreciate top responding websites, Apps, and to complete such a project you need top experts who can take any visionaries dream to live online with his coding skills. Today all the web developers worldwide have stamped their name as top entrepreneurs, executives driving millions of businesses worldwide with their coding and designing skills.

And we have seen so many recent successes which give more boost to young tech experts like Lakshay Jain. He is currently working on multiple things. His app and web development work is still going well, with that he is now promoting his clients’ growth faster by implementing suitable and modern digital marketing services.

The youngest IT Entrepreneur of India: Out of the top minds of web developers and entrepreneurs, we came across the youngest entrepreneurs and web developers. An app developer who has only one Lakshay in life makes India an IT Hub of the world. We are talking about the most talented and fantastic skilful developer, digital marketer and founder of top Tech company Mevrex “Lakshay Jain.”

Under Ten Web and App developer of the world: Lakshay Jain started a coding journey at the age of seven, and his love for making something in digital helped him come this far in life. Many at 16 complete their 10th standard and wait for the new course started. But Lakshay Jain selected his field at the age of seven, surely his parents have played a major role in supporting him mentally and giving him the confidence to move forward with his skills. Lakshay is not qualified on paper with a degree as he is not even 18, which is licence age in India, but his experience is over a decade in technology. Don’t get surprised with the number he started at seven as youngest Web/App developer to India’s youngest digital marketer.

Youngest self-made Tech entrepreneur of India: Today Lakshay Jain is a self-made entrepreneur and only web/app developer who is making a name worldwide with his IT expertise. He is the proud CEO of India, Youngest web/App developer in India and founder of the best IT company in India Mevrex that provide A to Z services to their clients.

Winning top competitions: Lakshay Jain has proved his metal by winning much top competition worldwide and surprised everyone by proving age can not define entrepreneurial skills. He is the next-gen IT entrepreneur of India who is showcasing even teenagers can make huge money at a tender age.

To know more about him, follow him on Instagram @lakshayjain.1 or visit his website,

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in the creation of this content.


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