Let’s Go !: 10 Awesome Mario Kart Fan Art Pieces


Gamers of all ages remember the anxious sound of a countdown, the screams of players as they fall from a course in space, and the sign of the impending blue ruin running towards first place. These are the sounds of Mario Kart.

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For years, Mario Kart has been an outlet for all fans, a way to confront Mario and Nintendo characters in one of the best Mario ever. games there apart from Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Sunshine. As such, fans took their love for this wonderful game to a whole new level and created some truly amazing fan art commemorating the game who created and broke many friendships.

10 Bowsette In Mario Kart By Frocharocha

While it’s always fun to watch fans go crazy for ideas, concepts, and art, there can be times when it gets a little weird. Such is the nature of Boswette, the gender-swapped version of Bowser, Mario’s most hated rival.

Of course, just because the concepts are a little weird and slightly inappropriate doesn’t mean the concept can’t be executed well. In truth, the idea of ​​Bowsette joining Mario Kart, as suggested by the artist Frocharocha, would be cool to see, especially seeing the character take on Bowser or Princess Peach on their epic bike.

9 Mario Kart X Metroid Prime by Adamkopacz

Since Mario Kart took off, there has always been a demand and search for new characters to add. Considering how easily it was possible to incorporate the other characters in Mario-verse, Nintendo started to get creative, researching other properties.

For one reason or another, Metroid’s Samson – a series that could finally see a new one game in 2021 – has not yet appeared in the game, something artist user Adamkopacz really wants to happen. With such beautiful art, the question remains: why didn’t Nintendo add Samson to their races? game again?

8 Piranha Plant joins Mario Kart by Mast3r-Rainb0w

As it’s probably assumed, Mario’s world doesn’t have a lot of sizeable characters, which means Nintendo may have to dig deep in the future to find new characters to join in on the fun. There are the main ones, like Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser, but there are also lesser known ones, like the Piranha Factory.

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Although the Piranha factory is a notable obstacle in the game, nobody really saw him as a real character until Super Smash Bros. Then the possibilities, like Mast3r-Rainbow shows, has become endless. As weird as it sounds, Petey Piranha made an appearance as a playable runner in Double Dash, so it’s far from far-fetched.

7 Waluigi by Pacman23

For one reason or another, some fans seem to have a certain fascination with Waluigi. Whether that’s because of his iconic “WAH !,” his fashionable features, or simply because he’s never been a playable character in Smash – something that many fans crave as much as they crave. Super Mario Galaxy 3 – remains a real mystery.

Still, Waluigi has been seen time and time again in Mario Kart, which likely fueled the fires of fans who wanted him in Smash. Despite this, Pacman23 creates an excellent tribute that captures the bizarre yet intriguing nature of Waluigi.

6 Double Dash by TyCony23

When the images of Mario pop into the heads of fans, they usually see a jovial plumber who never fails to save the Mushroom Kingdom. What they don’t see, however, is a buff, macho dude walking past the back of his brother’s cart, throwing fireballs like an anime hero.

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