KFC worker filmed using homophobic slurs in ‘disgusting’ rant against DoorDash driver


A disturbing video has emerged of a KFC employee hurling homophobic abuse at two people who were collecting an order for a DoorDash customer.

The footage was posted on Facebook on Thursday by user Joshua Garner. In the caption, he explains: “Lee [Garner’s fiancee] and I are out door dashing and this traumatic experience happened at KFC on 6th street Springfield Illinois. Please watch the whole thing closely. Idk what to do or who to talk to but I know people are going to be out of jobs.”

The two-minute clip was filmed from inside a car. Initially the camera is not pointed at the workers, but the audio depicts the beginnings of an argument.

In a Facebook comment, Garner explained that when they arrived at the KFC, staff said they did not have the items that had been ordered, but hadn’t informed the DoorDash customer. Garner’s fiancee called the customer, and while on the phone held up his hand to indicate he needed a moment to clarify.

At this point, the KFC worker allegedly responded by saying “did this motherf***er really just put his hand up”.

Garner claims that: “It escalated from that point on and it seems like every staff member took a turn coming to the window and aggressively approaching us. The man and the girl you see in the video were one of many individuals who came to the window harassing us during which time we were still on the phone with the customer trying to resolve the issue. They were very rude and pushy asking us to leave as if we were criminals which in all reality we were just trying to complete a job.”

The video shows that when Garner says “I’m working too,” one of the KFC workers responds: “I don’t give a f*** about you.”

At this point, the camera pans onto the two workers, whose face coverings are no longer in place, and Garner says: “You’re on video. What’s your name?”

The KFC worker responds: “I don’t give a f*** about no video. This ain’t the first time I’ve been on video.” Garner can be heard trying to explain that he can’t leave the spot as he’s still waiting for a DoorDash update, and the worker begins to use homophobic slurs, saying: “You f***ing queer, why?”

The argument escalates, with Garner referring to the KFC worker as a “fat ass”. The KFC worker continues to rant: “I don’t give a f*** if y’all are gay or not. This motherf***** looks queer so he can get the f*** out of here.”

When they continue to explain to the worker that his comments are on video and they’re going to report him to the company, he begins shouting the F-word repeatedly.

You can watch the entire video here, but please note it may be upsetting to some viewers:

In the comments beneath the video, people expressed horror at Garner’s experience, with various Facebook users labelling the outburst “disgusting”, “sickening” and “totally unacceptable”.


Garner also explained in the comments that he’s reporting the incident to KFC, and asked people to share the video. He added: “I’m legit bawling my eyes out you guys. I feel so f***ing horrible right now,” and added: “I’m having a full blown panic attack.”

Responding to a comment saying “don’t let him do that to you”, Garner wrote: “I know it just hurts so bad because this is stuff that people don’t understand the LGBTQ community goes through everyday!”

According to the New York Post, the employee in question was fired, and the owner of the franchise apologised to the couple. indy100 has reached out to KFC for further comment.


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