India Today – PM Modi to visit poll-bound Assam to launch ‘Asom Mala’,


Prime Minister is also going to be visiting a sound today is gonna be learning an ass at about 1130. The Prime minister is later to inaugurate multiple infrastructure projects, including foundational ceremony of two hospitals and medical cultures in this one and should I do at about 11:45 AM. He’s also gonna be launching a project aimed at improving highways and roads across the state. ahead of his visit. He’s tweeted, assuring that his government would continue working for the welfare of the people in this visit is coming. Weeks before the elections in the state, where the beach is hoping to retain its maturity. The Prime Minister is gonna be on a two state visit of the West today, so let’s understand how his schedule really looks like for the day. The Prime Minister is gonna be arriving in a sam’s so here on your screens. 11:45 AM is the time when he’s going to be arriving there. It is going to be a foundation laying ceremony of two hospitals. He’s gonna be inaugurated to hospitals. He’s also going to be launching the project. This is a project he’s gonna be launching in. so in this project to to improving highways districts across the state of the next stop is going to be. Battleground West Bengal crucial one at 4 PM. There’s a public rally scheduled at 4 PM of the Prime Minister at the district and then going to be inaugurated key infrastructure projects right there. This is going to happen at 4:45 PM and that’s how the Prime minister is scheduled for the day.


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