India on path to develop Made-in-India Next Gen-Counter Drones for forces: Expert Dr Ojha


India Committed on Path to develop Make in India “Next Generation-Counter Drones” for strengthening the Indian Defense Forces: Dr. Nishakant Ojha, an International Eminent Expert in Cyber & Counter-Terrorism, extends dedicated support to the Indian PSU.

It’s big news for all who are conscious about the internal security of India because our nation is going to witness the development of its own Make in India counter drones for border security. A PSU-BECIL (Broadcast Engineering Consultant India Ltd) had been identified as one of the key partners for fulfilling the said commitment of Make in India in Commercial Drones in the fields of Agriculture, Health, Logistics & Critical Infrastructure sectors.

With Respect to the Counter Drones the international expert Dr. Nishakant Ojha who is working exclusively on Aerospace Security confirmed this news that India is working with full vigor to develop indigenous counter drones also. It was needed in combating terrorism, insurgencies, and infiltrations at the border. The drone is the newest tool used by border enemies to disturb the internal security of India. To date, India was getting this technology from West Asia and Middle East Countries but now it’s time to research and develop indigenous technology and system to have its own high-end drones. These drones will be the next generation drones working on the concept of Transfer of Technology (ToT)from different European &West Asian countries.

Dr. Ojha said, to mobilize this overall concept we have done coalitions with various International Aviation Universities, Research Centers &, National Institute of Technology Warangal (NITW) along with several Technology Startups related to this segment. It will be a collective effort from Indian researchers, Technology developers, and technological groups from other developed nations to create a new wave of technologically advanced drone manufacturing in India. The modus operandi will be entirely on the concept of Technology Transfer & Joint Research Scientific Program in Indian Soil. He also pointed out that that he was instrumental in establishing such like JCOE (Joint Centre for Excellence) in Hyderabad on the concept of Drones City.

In the supervision of Dr Nishakant Ojha who is also the appointed advisor to BECIL India is going to manufacture these drones on various aspects of technology. The Chairman of BECIl. Mr. George Kuruvilla who had extended his active support and passion towards the make in Indiastep said “Anything betterment for my country, our organization is fully committed“.

He stated that such Commercial Drones with the amalgamation of AI & IoT will add lots of value to farmers in India Further DrOjha the subject expert added we are also working on the development of dedicated real-time target achievement drones and lightweight aerial surrounding platforms in various operations. Also, in India, we are going to witness the advent of extremely high-end drones with an expected speed of not less than 400Kmph with an endurance of more than 40 minutes. The other aspect where the research will be concentrated will be UAV-assisted Real-time Data Processing using Deep Q-Network. One of the most interesting is that will develop a Nano UAV which will be also offered for utilizing the defense. Nano UAV somehow less than the weight of 240 gm.

In short term, it has been planned to indigenously build Counter Drone Technology to detect & capture Surveillance & Spy Drones through Manual & automatic basis both for altitudes less than 3km from sea level. On a Manual basis, the Counter drone shall be controlled via remote control, through which the shooting or rope net detachment is triggered. On an Automatic basis, the Counter Drone shall be triggered, assisted, guided by Automated Radar. The software running on the guiding system on the ground shall determine & actuate the shooting or detachment of the rope net, which shall be accompanied by extreme & harsh electronics. In the medium term, the Team is also planning to work on indigenously developing Counter Drone Technology that can operate at 30000-40000 ft easily, has an inbuilt Radar, can destroy the rogue & weaponed drones & has medium endurance capabilities. It’s planned to develop new age Nanomaterials while all these sub-systems shall be manufactured in India with minimal investment, collaborative working & at optimum costs.

The Technology integration shall also be done in India only. He had already addressed his roadmap and plan in the ‘Ninth World Congress-Aviation 2020 where Aerospace Experts from all across the world demonstrated their technical capabilities in Counter Drones/ UAV Dr. Nishakant added that it will be a landmark step to bring the most advanced drone technology inside India with incredibly low investment and maximum use of Indian brains and skills.” Not everything is achieved with Money” he stated we should have passion and commitment toward the country to perform the task with available resources in the first step and go for procurement of other things later if required. He stated very clearly that we cannot wait for others to develop any technologies for us and then keep on their mercy, it is time to act than to talk &discuss. Dr. Nishakant is closely working with the Indian Army and Law Enforcement Agencies of India.

He is also a visiting faculty to many Scandinavian, Middle East Countries, working for the development of indigenous development of counter drones and secure aerospace corridors. He is also in touch with one of the United Nation body for initiating the capacity building programmes for the African & Asian Countries in the field of drone usage for the Agriculture sector in which BECIL had been identified as a Technical &Execution Partner Dr(Prof). Nishakant Ojha is presently assisting as an Advisor Cyber & Aerospace Security with BECIL for initiating and developing a new vertical for supporting the country in the core domain of Defense & strengthening the Critical Infrastructure. Apart from the said he is also advising many Terrorist Affected Countries in nailing down the terrorism.


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