How To Beat The Resurgent Cryo Regisvine Boss



  • “Genshin Impact” update 1.2 features a new event called the Chalk Prince and the Dragon
  • In Act 4 of the event, players are tasked to defeat the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine boss
  • Players can use some useful tips and tricks to defeat this boss easily

The final fight in the fourth act of the Chalk Prince and the Dragon event in “Genshin Impact” is reserved for the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine boss. The encounter is a little bit challenging, especially for players who are not aware of the regular version’s attack patterns in the game. Players looking for ways to avoid the attacks and defeat the Act 4 final fight boss could use some of these tips and tricks.

How To Fight The Resurgent Cryo Regisvine Boss

When the fight begins, the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine boss will produce a shield that blocks players’ attacks. To destroy the shield, players must use Scarlet Quartz and melt the three frost horns on the map. As soon as the shield is destroyed, players should hit the weak spots on top and at the base of the boss.

The boss also hurls a ferocious blizzard that players could not dodge. To withstand this kind of attack, players must break the Seeds of Winter that could be found near the Ruin Braziers and stay within the protective barrier. If players find it hard to accomplish this, they could instead use a shield to minimize its damage.

This is Dragonspine, an enormous mountain that holds the remains of the venomous dragon, Durin, who fell here after the battle with Dvalin. Photo: Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

Just like the regular Cryo Regisvine, players could destroy the cores to down this boss. They can do this by waiting for its crystal to show. When it does, players can hit it using a Pyro attack to create an opportunity for combos and to put the enemy down. If players do not have a Pyro character in their team, they can use Scarlet Quartz to destroy the cores.

Resurgent Cryo Regisvine Attacks

There are lots of attacks that the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine boss will use in this battle. Players should be aware of these lethal attacks since they could easily knock them out. These attacks include Falling Icicles, Ice Beam, Spin Attack, Icicle Bursts and Homing Icicles.

“Genshin Impact” is currently in development for PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The game is now available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices.


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