Guide to 54 Israeli auto and mobility tech startups


Israel has emerged as a hotbed of innovation in the automotive and mobility worlds as well as the broader business of making things. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Startup Nation in 2018 contributed 4.94 percent of its gross domestic product to R&D — more than any other member country.

Automakers including Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Hyundai have invested in Israeli companies. So have suppliers such as Bosch, Denso and Continental. Among technology giants, Intel and Google have made the acquisition of Israeli startups part of their strategies to bolster their automotive and mobility investments.

Collectively, these young companies are at the center of advanced automotive developments as well as cloud computing, 3D printing, predictive sensing, the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality and a host of other Industry 4.0 technologies that are helping multinational corporations improve their performance.

With that in mind, Automotive News is publishing its first directory of Israeli startups. The 54 companies represented here all responded to an Automotive News survey and are part of a broader community.

Our intent is simple: to deliver a resource our readers can use to begin to navigate this increasingly important world. For questions or to inquire about future directories, contact Steve Schmith at [email protected].


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