Furore On Farmers Protest | India Development Debate


EP999 – Furore On Farmers Protest | India Development Debate
03 FEBRUARY 2021 | ET NOW | 23 MIN 37 SEC

Why should a tweet by a global celebrity even matter? Whether you agree or disagree with the farmer protests, you will surely agree that a single person’s comment on the issue on social media does not matter in the larger scheme of things. Even if they happen to be a global celebrity with hundreds of millions of followers. While most Indians have probably never heard of Rihanna or Greta Thunberg, their comments on the farmer protests that have been on since November last year has forced a fresh spotlight on the issue. To be honest, the story may not have even made it to the show this evening if it was just Rihanna and Greta tweeting about farmer protests. But the fact that the Ministry of External Affairs has chosen to respond and a wave of Indian celebrities seem to be mounting a counter defence brings the issue back on top. Watch the debate with Tamanna Inamdar, Siraj Husain, Prof R Ramkumar and Mythili Bhusnurmath.


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