Epic’s new tool lets you create lifelike digital metahumans


As we move towards a digital future, we see tech giants developing tools and hardware to bring digital humans into the real world. We’ve seen Samsung’s NEON project which aims to bring AI-powered humans to the real world. Now Epic Games created a unique browser-based tool to help users create what they call MetaHumans.

The developers of the popular battle royale title Fortnite recently announced a unique tool that can help users create lifelike human faces with ultra-realistic facial movements and expressions right in their web browser. Software dubbed “MetaHuman Creator” is essentially an advanced tool that can make human faces look lifelike and allows users to manipulate various characteristics of faces for use with modern motion capture and animation techniques.

According to the company, users can generate MetaHumans right in their web browser within minutes. They come with exclusive hairstyles and clothing, and the tool allows users to adjust various other factors to help them create the perfect digital being for their projects.

Now, as you can imagine, Epic’s MetaHuman Creator is powered by its powerful game development…

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