Employment agency VERTO welcomes JobMaker Hiring credit, reports job seeker numbers growing in Tamworth, Gunnedah, New England | The Armidale Express



As some government schemes end, others are urgently stepping in to take their place, according to one employment agency. With JobKeeper ending in March, other initiatives like the JobMaker Hiring Credit will become “even more critical” in sustaining a thriving jobs market in the region. Job agency VERTO welcomed the government initiative encouraging Tamworth, Gunnedah and New England businesses to consider hiring young job seekers. It comes as businesses in the region tell of their difficulty in hiring, some attributing it to people’s lack of confidence in entering an unstable COVID-19 workplace. But VERTO CEO, Ron Maxwell, said they’ve actually seen an increase in confidence from those seeking work, especially in the last two months. “2021 has already seen Tamworth, Gunnedah and New England experience significant increases in the number of job seekers who have accessed VERTO’s services to find employment in key trade areas,” Mr Maxwell noted. “That’s including but not limited to, engineering, plumbing and mechanical, as well as skill shortage areas such as individual support and disability services.” This growth has been recognised state-wide, but also reflected locally in Tamworth, Gunnedah and New England, he said. He says the Job Making Hiring credit will keep on increasing that interest and confidence. Under the scheme, employers will be able to access funding for 12 months, if they hire an eligible job seeker aged between 16-35. “[This] should give young job seekers confidence in the current jobs market,” he said. Employers can now apply, before October 6, 2021, for the Job Maker Hiring Credit to avoid missing out on this “important” incentive.



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