Editors Guild Of India Said Journalists Targeted This Contrary To PM Narendra Modi Speech At G7


The Editors Guild said, “Journalists and cartoonists who criticize the government are being targeted on social media because the government is pressurizing these platforms to remove such important journalists that they violate the law of the land.” are.’

“All this is contrary to the commitments that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made against democracy, openness and authoritarianism at the G-7 summit,” the Guild said in a press statement today.

UP journalist dies a day after telling about mafia threat, police say ‘accident’

A media release expressed grief over the behavior of Uttar Pradesh Police in connection with the mysterious death of journalist Sulabh Srivastava yesterday. A Pratapgarh-based television reporter died on Sunday night. The police termed the incident as a motorcycle accident. One day, Sulabh had written a letter to senior police officers saying that he was feeling threatened after his recent report on the liquor mafia.

The Guild’s remarks came a day after Prime Minister Modi’s address at the G-7 summit. In his address, PM Modi had emphasized that cyber space should remain an opportunity to advance democratic values, not spoil it.

Recently, there was a tussle between the Government of India and some social media platforms regarding the new digital law. The Center is also being criticized for imposing restrictions on the voices of protest in the country.

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