Dunzo’s top delivery trends in 2020: Key Highlights


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Key Highlights

  • Bengaluru continued to order in chicken biryani the most, while Chennai residents got idlis.
  • Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur ordered more coffee than they ordered tea. Pune ended up ordering 2x the amount of Maggi than Mumbai did.

Hyperlocal delivery startup Dunzo’s delivery trends for the year report named #WellDun2020 – confirms that biryani still ranks right on top in terms of popularity – especially in Bengaluru. In Pune, misal pav ruled, while Gurgaon ordered aloo tikki burger, Mumbai ordered the humble dal khichdi the most, Jaipur got samosas and Chennai’s love affair with idli stayed intact.

The crisis also caused people to re-evaluate their diets because it has underlined the link between food and health. The plant-based industry evolved with meat-free trends and dairy-free alternatives propelled innovation and made headlines.

In this highway to health, Dunzo’s report indicates that individuals in cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru preferred jiggery over sugar. Foods like quinoa and kale were ordered most in the capital whereas Mumbai made a shift to the mighty broccoli and avocado. The healthier brown bread topped charts in Pune.

With the lockdown, there was a major switch to online ordering for groceries. Milk topped the list of grocery order in Pune and Hyderabad; potatoes were ordered most in Chennai whereas Bengaluru’s top grocery order from Dunzo was that of onion.

People also used Dunzo to take care of their pets’ foods. Gurgaon’s top pet food order was dog food, while Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad saw more cat food orders.

Onto pharmaceuticals, condoms were ordered three times more in day than in the night time on an average. In terms of exact numbers, Mumbai & Bengaluru recorded a 3x surge, Chennai a 5x surge whereas Hyderabad saw a whopping 6x surge in daytime condom order deliveries.

2020 also highlighted the particularities of reading as a habit. Some found books impossible to pick up, others turned to literature anew, rediscovering the ways it can refresh and inspire. Dunzo’s top book orders were ‘Wild Himalaya’ by Stephen Alter, ‘Ultimate Grandmother Hacks’ By Kavita Devgan, and ‘Children’s History of India’ by Subhadra Sen Gupta amongst others.


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