Corona vaccine: Rahul Gandhi’s question to Narendra Modi, ‘When will India number one’


Discussions are going on everywhere about when the corona vaccine will arrive. Discussions have also reached Shige about when the corona vaccine will arrive in India. Vaccination has started in England and USA but not yet in India.

While everyone is wondering when corona vaccination will start in India, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi this question.

2.3 million people worldwide have been vaccinated. Vaccination has begun in China, the US, Russia and the UK. Rahul Gandhi has asked when Modiji will be India’s number one.

He also put a chart in his tweet. It gives information on how many people have been vaccinated in which country so far.

Rahul Gandhi’s question has not yet been answered by the BJP or the government.

At a press conference a few days ago, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had said that vaccination would start in India in January. In India, vaccination was expected to start from January to March, but Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had said that vaccination could start any week in January.

Corona’s new strain is currently found in the UK. Many had expressed concern about this strain. The World Health Organization says the strain is not uncontrolled. Will the new strain have any effect on vaccination? Such was also the discussion going on. Many wonder if the new strain will make a difference to vaccinations. Vaccine manufacturers are conducting tests on these strains and vaccines.

Will vaccination be affected?

Will the altered form of the corona virus have any effect on the corona vaccine? Will the vaccines that have been developed so far be effective against the modified form of the virus? This is also a concern.

Speaking about this, Dr. “The new strain of Covid-19, currently found in the UK, does not appear to make any difference to vaccine effectiveness,” Paul said.

“From the discussions we have had with researchers in the UK, our colleagues at the World Health Organization and the study we have done, we can say that there is no need to panic. Mutations in the virus have not changed the method and guidelines for treatment.

However, given the increased potential to infect new strains of the corona virus, people need to be more vigilant and strictly follow the rules of frequent hand washing, observing social distance, wearing masks, keeping doors and windows open and avoiding crowded places, he said. .

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