‘Centre’s blue economy policy encroaches on state’s powers’ | Thiruvananthapuram News


Thiruvananthapuram: The government has stated that Centre’s blue economy policy is an encroachment into the powers of the state government that is given under the Constitution. Replying to a calling attention motion by MLA VR Sunil Kumar in the assembly on Wednesday, minister for fisheries, youth affairs and culture Saji Cherian said that as per the Constitution, fisheries is a state subject and the blue economy policy announced by Centre questions the powers of the state.
He said that the policy of the LDF government is that like how the ownership of forests are to be vested with the tribal community members who are inhabitants of the forest, the same applies in the case of fishermen.
With the implementation of blue economy policy, the fragile seashore would be controlled by corporates and tourism lobby. He said that there would be large-scale constructions along the shores and the homes of the fishing community would be lost.
He said that the increase in sea-level is already affecting the fishermen adversely, and the unscientific constructions on the basis of the blue economy policy would add to it further.
The minister said that the state had already submitted several concerns and suggestions to the Centre and some of those have been agreed by the Centre. However, more concerns have come up now and the chief minister, at multiple meetings, has asked the MPs from the state to raise the matter in Parliament, he added.


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