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In his role as a member of the
Senate Budget Committee, Senator Grassley has taken action to improve
efficiency in government operations and in the budget process. Senator Grassley
co-sponsored, this year, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Enzi’s Chief
Financial Officers (CFO) Vision Act, to update the CFO Act of 1990 to improve
financial and performance data in the federal government and increase
accountability in government programs and operations. Regarding the federal
budget process, Senator Grassley has also co-sponsored Chairman Enzi’s
Bipartisan Congressional Budget Reform Act, which is a package of budget
process reforms that were approved on a bipartisan basis by the Budget
Committee in 2019. Those bipartisan reforms are the result of years of effort
to improve the federal budget process in a way that encourages long-term
planning, responsible budget assumptions and an end to brinkmanship surrounding
the federal debt limit. The federal debt, now approaching $30 trillion, threatens
opportunities of future generations. The bipartisan budget reforms backed by
Senator Grassley provide a framework for helping restore fiscal balance to the
federal government.


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