Black Ops Cold War’ Mid-Season Update


The first major update to Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War since the start of Season 1 is almost upon us.

New content, including both maps and modes, is headed to Cold War tomorrow, January 14th.

The mid-season update should impact Warzone as well, though as of this writing we only know about new maps and modes for Cold War, though the new store bundles will be available for players of both games.

Here’s what to expect from the new mid-season update when it goes live tomorrow. An exact time has not been announced. Neither has a file-size.


Expect two major updates to multiplayer in tomorrow’s update:

New Fireteam Map: Sanitorium

Fireteam is one of Black Ops Cold War’s bigger modes, as in lots of players on large maps. Unlike Combined Arms, however, it’s not two big teams competing against one another. Multiple squads compete instead. It’s rumored that the various Fireteam maps will eventually combine to form the new Warzone map, reportedly scheduled for this March.

The new map Sanitorium is described thusly:

“Deep in the Ural Plains is a Soviet experimental health retreat – the focus of a clandestine investigation by NATO forces in September 1984. Low wooded hills provide cover for fireteam squads to gain reconnaissance over the main, roughly circular-shaped main “hotel”: a concrete, brutalist architectural behemoth flanked by lakeside structures and a large wooden dock. With links to secret testing within State Sanatorium U-23, notes found within the grounds of this sprawling complex indicate a conditioning trial known as Project Golova.”

New Mode: Drop Kick 6v6

This new 6v6 mode pits two teams against one another in an effort to control a nuclear brief case. One player on one of the teams can hold the brief case at a time. This player is given a pistol and nothing more—other than his or her teammates—to protect them. You gain both launch codes and points for controlling the briefcase.

When you die, you won’t respawn until your team’s carrier is killed and drops the case. First team to 200 wins—and the nuke goes off.


New Mode: Cranked

Like the classic Cranked mode in MP, the Zombies version involves setting off a countdown timer after each kill. Don’t kill another zombie in time and you’ll explode.

There’s also another PlayStation exclusive. Raid has been added to the Onslaught playlist with new Dark Aether intel.

I’ll update this post if and when we learn about new additions to Warzone. For now, this is everything coming to the Black Ops Cold War tomorrow. There will also be new Operator and Blueprint bundles in the Item Shop.


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