‘Battlefield 6’ Alpha Release Details Announced; Game’s Location Uncovered



  • “Battlefield 6” is in development
  • The game’s alpha will kick off earlier than before
  • Fans may have discovered the setting of “Battlefield 6”

It appears that “Battlefield 6” fans could get their hands on the latest installment sooner than expected, and while rumors surrounding the game are rife, several fans may have uncovered its setting.

Alpha Details And Potential Release Date

Electronic Arts recently provided more details about “Battlefield 6” through a new blog post. EA Chief Studios Officer laura Miele mentioned that the team is planning to release the game’s trial or alpha version earlier than it ever has before. While the executive did not share the specifics, she noted that the first technical alpha of “Battlefield 6” will launch at an earlier window.

Miele said, “The project is tracking towards the franchise’s earliest Alpha, the gameplay is at an unprecedented scale, and we are taking full advantage of the technology in the next-gen consoles.” She added that “the team has done an incredible job despite the challenges of working from home. We want to build on our position of strength, focus on the opportunity in front of us, and set our game makers up for success to deliver the best experience possible to our players this fall.”

Battlefield V will be released on Oct. 19. Photo: Electronic Arts

Based on the studio’s release pattern, the first alpha of “Battlefield V” started at the end of June. If the executive’s statement is to go by, fans could expect the alpha in the early part of June this year. Perhaps fans could get their hands on the shooter title sometime in April or May.


Meanwhile, several fans may have discovered the location of “Battlefield 6” from its latest teasers. The tech demo that EA released in 2020 shows a near-photorealistic face smiling with a set of numbers appearing over the nose. If translated to GPS coordinates, these numbers point to Kazakhstan. Another clue that supports this location theory is the “Battlefield V” Eidolon Skin, which players can only unlock after completing a secret challenge. The medallion on its waistband apparently has a series of Roman numerals, which, when translated to GPS coordinates, again points to a place in Kazakhstan.

“Battlefield 6” is currently in the wors and anticipated to arrive this year. The game launches on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


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