At-home senior care employment opportunities on the rise


“It allows the opportunity for seniors to age in place and that is huge. It’s about comfort, it’s about what’s known, it’s about being able to continue to do the things that bring life to that senior and bring meaning to their life,” Michael Licatino, Executive Director at Home Instead, said.

At-home care offers a more personal experience for individuals over 65.

“In-home care is primarily one to one. One caregiver, one client. So, from the caregivers perspective, that’s a nice piece because you know that when you walk into work, like ‘my focus is on you today, just you,'” Licatino said.

All while making safety a priority to keep seniors safely in their homes.

Southeast Minnesota has seen an increase in in-home care interest, even if they haven’t considered it in the past, because of COVID-19 visiting restrictions.

“Families ability to keep a strong, close, personal and physical connection with their loved ones that they are able to do when their loved ones are aging in home,” Licatino said.

The benefits aren’t just to those seniors receiving the care.

“It has been one of the most rewarding times of my life,” Nixa said. Nixa has been a caregiver for 4 years.

Even just helping with daily tasks can make a difference for those seniors in need.

“Today, for instance, I walked a dog, I got groceries for people, I socialized, I played Rummikub with someone,” Nixa said.

Even beyond the pandemic, these jobs will need to be filled.

“That need for quality, compassionate homecare professionals is not going away ever. It’s here to stay,” Licatino said.

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