Apple Has Big Plans For Its AR and VR Hardware Development


Last week gave us numerous reports indicating Apple’s plans for virtual reality. There have been some changes in the hardware engineering departments as well.

Apple’s AR and VR ambitions have always been one of the most famous topics to talk about. However, Apple never really cared to show its plans to the world. Bringing the virtual world into reality can be a challenging task. But Apple has indicated the start of the process.

The first clear hint that we got was the information on the development of a mixed-reality headset by Apple. The upcoming device is said to be the one that could represent one of the company’s most ambitious efforts to build a new technology platform.

Among the few features that they revealed, one is the ‘comfortable fit’ of the headsets. It is said that it will be designed in such a way that its position would not be affected when a person moves.

Sources state that “The eye-tracking system includes at least one eye-tracking camera, an illumination source that emits infrared light towards the user’s eyes, and diffraction gratings located at the eyepieces. The diffraction gratings redirect or reflect at least a portion of infrared light reflected off the user’s eye while allowing visible light to pass. The cameras capture images of the user’s eyes from the infrared light that is redirected or reflected by the diffraction gratings.”

The estimated cost of the headset is $3000 which will be worth showing the real-world video to the person wearing it.

Apple Has Big Plans For Its AR and VR Hardware Development

The later hint that we got about the changing plans was on January 25 when Apple’s Dan Riccio left the hardware job to work on a “new project”. This is evidence that the experts are working very hard on this project. The headsets are expected to be the first device to show a reflection of the real world.

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