Apex Legends players furious after being “robbed” by Apex Packs with missing items


While the hype for Apex Legends Season 10 is nearing a fever-pitch in the final week before release, some players have been left with a bad taste in their mouths heading into the new season after being “robbed” by glitched Apex Packs.

Apex Legends Season 10 is fast approaching its release date of August 3. Despite the anticipation for Season 10‘s launch, however, players have plenty of concerns heading into Emergence, such as worries about server stability and the power level of the game’s new Legend: Seer.

Now, in the final days of Season 9, some Apex Legends fans are being hit with a mysterious bug involving their Apex Packs (the primary source of acquiring cosmetics and crafting materials in-game), and are voicing concerns over losing out on their hard-earned items.

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Apex Legends players aren’t happy about missing out on a third of their new items.

Reports of the bug first began to circulate during the final week of Season 9, when players began sharing their experiences with bugged Apex Packs that only gave them two new items or sets of crafting materials instead of the standard three items per-pack.

One player shared a video on Reddit of a freshly opened pack that gave them two sets of crafting materials, but had nothing in the last item slot — meaning a third of the contents were missing. “Why did this happen? Can I please get my stuff?” they asked.

…So why did this happen? Can i please get my stuff? from apexlegends

While some players questioned whether the loading screen had glitched, and a new item or set of materials had appeared in the player’s inventory, the poster was adamant that they had been slighted: ” I don’t care if it wasn’t [a high-rarity item], I still want the stuff I paid for.”

Others reported running into the same issue, but coupled with a server error being fed to them by the game that hinted at the reason behind these missing items. It appeared the rewards they were supposed to receive did exist, but weren’t present in the game — yet.

Um… So did I just get an unfinished Skin or what? from apexlegends

One fan shared an image of the error message, which read “Some items in the Apex Pack have not been authored in the game yet.” The poster then speculated on the cause of the glitch: “Did I just get an unfinished skin or what?”

Players speculated in the comments that the bug could involve items coming to the game in Season 10, like cosmetics for Seer and the game’s new Rampage LMG — both being added in Emergence.

“Maybe the game is trying to give [you] Seer’s stuff, but since Seer isn’t in the game, it’s f**king up?” one reply read. Despite the potential explanation, other fans didn’t feel it justified the missing items: “I felt robbed [that] I only got 2 items in the [bugged] packs,” another player replied.

While the issue isn’t being tracked on Respawn’s Trello board at the time of writing, a bug involving Apex Packs will likely catch their attention and be patched in the near future. In the meantime, you might want to hold onto your packs until Season 10 releases on August 3, just to be on the safe side.


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