Apex Legends care package weapons for Season 10: Spitfire replaces Prowler


Apex Legends Season 10 will be switching up its list of care package weapons, which has knock-on effects for both Battle Royale and Arenas game modes. 

Respawn Entertainment are working towards a launch date of the next major update, Emergence, dropping on August 3, 2021.

As part of that content refresh will be a new legend, called Seer, and their abilities have already been revealed.

In the meantime, players have been searching for every possible clue or change to be included in the Season 10 patch notes, and we now know care packages are set for another shakeup.

Apex Legends Season 10 care package weapons

Respawn Entertainment

The Kraber remains in care packages for Season 10.

Season 10 will be removing the Prowler from the care package drops, according to Gamespot, which appear during matches to give players upgraded loot. These weapons and armor can be found in multiple rarities, but for weapons, it is usually red or gold.

The next major update will replace the Prowler with the Spitfire. A full list of weapons included in the care packs can be found below:

  • Kraber
  • Triple Take
  • Prowler Burst AR

Hop-Up changes

In terms of Hop-Ups, we also know both the Anvil Receiver and Quick Draw will be removed.

The new Apex Legends Season 10 Hop-Up is called Boosted Loader. 

This can be attached to the Hemlock and Wingman, giving them bonus ammo if reloaded with perfect timing. They will also reload faster when it is attached.

Apex Legends Season 10 Arenas weapon changes

As a result of the Spitfire moving into care packages for S10, the weapon – and the Alternator – have been rotated out of Arenas.

In their place, the Prowler will be added to the guns list for the game mode.


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