Amit Agarwal, Amazon India Head | Exclusive


EP1025 – Amit Agarwal, Amazon India Head | Exclusive | India Development Debate
25 FEBRUARY 2021 | ET NOW | 30 MIN 38 SEC

Amazon India says that they are compliant with all Indian laws. Amit Agarwal Sellers have complete autonomy to sell their products. Each seller gets certain benefits when they cross a certain threshold. Anecdotal evidence quashes the myth of amazon providing leg up to certain sellers. Each country has its own unique law. It is our duty to follow the rule of the land. Feel policies on e-comm should be an enabler to accelerate digitization. Hopeful that e-comm policy will reduce compliance for online sellers. It is okay to be inspected when we are impacted lives at massive scale. Inspecting e-comm is a part of Govt’s job. Greater the digital inclusion, higher the customers for products. We self regulate our OTT content and are transparent with our processes. Watch the exclusive interview with Amit Agarwal, Amazon India Head with Tamanna Inamdar.


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